Fabian Schneider
– Physics, Germany –
Welcome to my personal website! I am highly interested in science, entrepreneurship, music and art, and travelling around the world. You find all about my research, projects, startups, and recent activities on this website and on my social media channels:

International Astronomy and Astrophyics Competition Team Coordinator
International Youth Math Challenge International Coordinator
International Youth Journal Editor-in-Chief
Youth Planet Protector Organisation President and Coordinator
The sXript Project Co-Founder and Developer
Beauty of Math Project Developer and Researcher
Papers and Publications
arXiv e-Print 1709.05954 Framework of two-dimensional functional walks. 09.2017
The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences Sequence A292626. 2017
UNICEF Voices of Youth We need Science to protect Our Planet. 16 June 2017
International Youth Journal CONCEPT The great new YPPO Project. 15 May 2017
International Youth Journal YPPO at DBU Congress. 13 June 2017
Jugend forscht Blog Swiss Talent Forum 2017 – Meeting The Next Leaders. 7 May 2017
Other Research Projects
Functional Walk Generator Web-Application
Pseudo Dual Graph Generator Web-Application
Electronic Cloud Chamber Experiment Particle Physics @ CERN
Algorithmic Generated Images Art Project
Polyabundant Numbers Research Project
Music of Prime Numbers Researcher Project
Random Walk Generator Web-Application
Online Prime Game Web-Game
Astronomical Images Night Sky Observations
Vertical Farming Grid Founder and Researcher
Outreach Activities and Mentoring
France, March 2019 Spring Scholarship Academy
Berlin, March 2019 Global Solution Summit
South Africa, December 2018 Horizon Extension Event
Pakistan, November 2018 IYMC Awarding of Lahore Grammer School
Pakistan, November 2018 International Youth Summit Lahore
Austria, November 2018 Youth for Entrepreneurship Event
Egypt, November 2018 World Youth Forum in Sharm-el Sheikh
Switzerland, August 2018 Summer Scholarship Academy
United States, July 2018 Joint Space Wheather Summer Camp @ NASA
Sylt, June 2018 Yooweedoo Ideenwettbewerb and Startup Camp
Kiel, November 2017 Jugend forscht PerspektivForum
Egypt, November 2017 World Youth Forum in Sharm-el Sheikh
Bonn, September 2017 Internship @ Max-Planck Institut for Mathematics
Bonn, September 2017 Students Conference of the German Physical Society
Switzerland, August 2017 Supervisor at CERN Summer Camp
Osnabrück, June 2017 Jugend Zukunft Vielfalt Congress and Fundraising
Switzerland, April 2017 Swiss Talent Forum in Bern
Hamburg, February 2017 Jury Member of Jugend forscht DESY Competition
Fulda, February 2017 Netzwerk Teilchenwelt Mentor Seminar
Berlin, January 2017 Internship @ Humbold-University of Berlin
Hamburg, November 2016 Internship @ DESY Institute, ALPS-II
Berlin, October 2016 Jugend Forscht PerspektivForum
Berlin, September 2016 Reception German Chancellor
Berlin, August 2016 Students Conference of the German Physical Society
Italy, July 2016 Lecture at the Joint Research Center Ispra
Paderborn, May 2016 Jugend forscht Bundeswettbewerb, 3. Prize
Hamburg, December 2015 NAT Science Award
Switzerland, October 2015 Research Week @ CERN Research Institute
Israel, September 2015 Summer Camp @ Weizmann Institute
Braunschweig, August 2015 Internship @ German Aerospace Center
Bonn, June 2015 Internship @ Max-Planck Insitute for Radioastronomy
Switzerland, June 2014 Workshop Camp @ CERN Research Institute
Münstereifel, May 2015 Research Visit of Stockert Radiotelescope

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